5 Tips to Have a Successful Dessert Business Today

5 Tips to Have a Successful Dessert Business Today

Posted Jan 03, 2023
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For many women, becoming a mother is one of many endeavors they have in their lives. In fact, some continue to pursue their passions alongside raising children and maintaining a family, whether it’s engaging in a new hobby or even starting their own business.


If you’re the type of mom who’s a whiz in the kitchen or enjoys making sweet treats for your loved ones, you may have considered starting your own bakery or selling your desserts. With the help of NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream, you can work towards making your dreams into a reality and earn money on the side!


Here are some tips you need to keep in mind to have a successful dessert business today:


  • Explore what you like

With the variety of desserts, pastries, and sweets out there, it may seem like a challenge to find where to start. Picking one or two things to specialize in helps give focus and direction when you’re first starting out. You can also bring out recipe twists you have up in your sleeves, such as adding a zest of calamansi and dalandan in a graham ref cake.


  Research about which desserts have gotten the most attention online or which desserts are most shared on your social media feeds. You can start with a creamy MILO® dinosaur or choco butternut loaf.


  • Plan for business basics

To succeed with your dessert business, your passion for creating treats needs to be balanced with the know-how of running a business. 


It’s essential to plan all aspects of your business—target market, objectives for your business, needed resources (like ingredients, equipment, and other materials necessary to create your desserts), possible competition, and even legal requirements.


Many online guides are available to walk you through covering these necessary parts. You can also look for interest groups that are open to offering advice to new entrepreneurs. If you know someone who’s established their own business, consider asking them to be your mentor when it comes to business matters.


  • Work on costings

Once you’ve put your plans down, it’s time to work on pricing. Costing your chosen dessert offerings should take into account the prices of each ingredient, as well as factors like the number of batches produced by the ingredient supply, utilities (water, electricity, or gas), one-time-use packaging like cupcake liners and boxes, and the effort needed to prepare and assemble it.


Once you have a base figure, compare it to the pricing of your competitors. From there, you can adjust your prices, either increasing it to match the competition or finding creative ways to bring it down if it is considerably higher. If you’re offering a dessert that is unique to your business alone, you may be able to justify its higher cost.


  • Find your “spot”

Any product needs a store to sell it from. This can mean a brick-and-mortar storefront that customers can visit. But, in this digital age, having a platform online can be a viable option. Before deciding, ask yourself the following questions: Which “spot” would be more appropriate for your target market? Do you have enough capital to invest in your chosen spot? Or do you have enough information at hand to maximize online channels?


If you decide on selling online instead, you’ll need to decide on a platform that can best reach your target market. You have viable options such as the Facebook Marketplace, and Instagram-all depending on the presence of your target market in that platform.


  • Market your products

Establishing a marketing plan will help your business stand out from the rest and bring potential customers in. When creating a brand name and logo, it’s important to consider how memorable it can be to your customers while perfectly capturing the image that best represents your desserts. After establishing a good name and logo, you’ll need to promote your products online and offline. 


Taking good photos of your desserts is key to attracting attention, especially on social media. Make sure that your photos are brightly lit, clear, and show off the best aspects of your products. You can use these photos for promotional materials on your social media pages and even for printed materials like flyers or posters.


Another way you can further market your desserts is by creating customized packaging with your branding and offering promos. Having reduced prices for the first month of starting or offering something free like cookies or a small slice of mango graham cake with every order of a dessert can work to get first-time buyers and may even turn them into loyal customers.


Have a Delightful Business Success


Overall, starting a dessert business goes beyond the simple love for making treats. Picking which desserts you want to sell is only the beginning—it’s essential to have a plan for how to develop your business, from pricing your products to deciding where and how you’ll be selling them. These efforts ensure that you have the right stage for the star of the show: your desserts.


With great quality and cost-effective ingredients like NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream, you’ll be creating best-seller desserts for your patrons that make moments special and delightful with every bite.


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