How Dessert-Making can be a Fun Bonding Time with Your Kids

How Dessert-Making can be a Fun Bonding Time with Your Kids

Posted Jan 03, 2023
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Bonding time between parents and kids is very important. You get to do fun activities together and experience different things that aren’t typically part of your routine. However, bonding is not limited to going on trips or spending time outdoors.


One of the easy ways to have a fun time with your mini-me is through dessert-making. This home bonding activity can teach kids a lot of life lessons, such as patience in creating something from scratch, following instructions, and appreciation for food. You may even discover your kids’ innate talent and abilities in the kitchen as you guide them in doing their tasks.


Transform these dessert-making activities into a fun and sweet bonding moment with your kids! 


1. Mixing of ingredients


One of the many things that make children genuinely adorable is their desire to learn. At an early age, they want to be able to try doing what they see you do, especially in the kitchen. 


Allowing your kids to mix ingredients is an essential skill that you can teach them early on. You can begin teaching them the basics of creating a cream mixture which is a mix of NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream and condensed milk. This skill will come in very handy for your classic fruit salad or mango ref cake.


Since the task is relatively simple and easy, it builds their confidence about their abilities, so they feel inspired not only in the beginning but also until they complete the task.


This kitchen activity is definitely going to be fun for your kids, and it may even allow you to discover their creative talent and personal style.


2. Teaching them how to crack eggs the right way


Eggs are a staple in many dessert recipes, so teaching your young crew the proper way to crack eggs is a good way for you to share a lesson or two about the importance of not wasting ingredients or keeping the kitchen spill-free.


At the same time, your kids may find it impossible to crack eggs without dropping tiny pieces of shell into the egg bowl, so be ready to explain that mistakes happen and that they’re part of the learning process. Then, show them how easy it is to scoop up those stray shell pieces using the empty shell cup.


3. Choosing ingredients/toppings they like


In or out of the kitchen, your children will need as many opportunities to practice their decision-making skills. The simple gesture of letting them choose the ingredients or toppings to use will not only train them in decision making, but you can expect that it will also bring big smiles on their faces.


Instead of worrying if your kids might end up not eating any or all of the food or dish that they prepared themselves, what you can do is to tell them how one ingredient or topping may taste better than the other.


4. Layering various ingredients


Teach your children the concept of layering various ingredients to create a single dessert recipe. Using our No-Bake Mango Cheesecake recipe, invite them to help you form the crust on the base or first layer, pour the cheesecake mixture on the second layer, and finally, the cubed or sliced mangoes on top. 


This can also help your children feel proud in preparing the dessert from scratch and seeing the final product. You can also introduce NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream as a versatile ingredient that can make their dessert creations creamier and more delightful.

5. Molding different dessert shapes/forms


Kids have a naturally curious mind. They love trying things out, which makes them excellent discoverers and learners. Older kids may already be familiar with basic shapes, lines, or forms, but the really young ones will surely welcome the idea of pouring a jelly mixture in star-shaped tins or pressing down different shapes on cookie dough.

6. Watching how the dough rises


Magical tricks don’t only happen in TV shows or kiddie parties; there are also some amazing things that you can let your kids witness right in your own kitchen. Arrange a pastry-making lesson for your kids, so that they can see the process of mixing the ingredients, kneading the dough, and baking it until it gets bigger or rises as if it’s magic!


7. Stacking pancakes


Pancakes are popular among kids, but you can add even more fun to your family’s Pancake Day by serving this yummy breakfast of choice.


Guide your little boy or girl in assembling a pancake tower of sorts, starting with the bigger, wider ones on the bottom of the pile and then followed by smaller pieces on top. It will surely excite your kids trying to be a young chef as they have a go at preparing heaps of pancakes before you take over putting the toppings part.


8. Melting chocolate


You can also break down science concepts around the kitchen, such as how heat can melt chocolate. Your kids will be delighted to see chocolate bars turning into liquid form, which you can then use as syrup or sauce for your dessert creations. Reward them with a spoonful of the melted chocolate (after it has cooled down, of course!) so that they can savor another way of eating chocolates.


9. Exploring with the piping


Kids love decorating stuff, and you can bet they’ll be willing apprentices if you need someone to help you decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other pastries. Depending on the age of your children, you can teach them basic to more advanced piping techniques, and then let them choose what shapes or patterns they’re comfortable doing.


10. Making sliders


Adults do have a big appetite, but what if your kids don’t? No problem, give them slider desserts to match their size. Sliders are miniature versions of food from its usual sizes. It’s called this term because it can be consumed faster and served in smaller portions. Whatever dessert you’re having—s’mores, ice cream sandwiches, wafers—you can prepare them in pairs but in different serving sizes.


Imagine the fun during mealtime when there are both full-size and mini versions of your family’s favorite dessert on the dining table—and you have your kids to thank for that!


Create Sweet Bonding Moments with Your Kids


Both you and your kids will enjoy the time that you spend together when you fill it with sweet moments through dessert-making. So, get your recipes ready, and don't forget to add NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream to make your bonding moments even more delightful!

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